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A colourless, transparent, odourless, liquid which forms the seas, lakes, rivers, and rain and is the basis of the fluids of living organisms:

Weather Forecasting

Analysing existing atmospheric conditions to forecast weather for a specified area and period.

Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission

A treaty-based organisation established to conserve and manage tuna and other highly migratory fish stocks across the western and central areas of the Pacific Ocean.

Work Plan

<p>A document that consulting firms use to organise a project. It outlines the plan by which the company plans to complete a quality project within a given amount of time and in compliance with a set budget.</p>

World Bank

A United Nations international financial institution that provides loans to developing countries for capital programs. The World BankÕs official goal is the reduction of poverty.

World Customs Organization

An independent intergovernmental body whose mission is to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of Customs administrations. It represents 179 Customs administrations across the globe that collectively process 98% of world trade.

World Federation of Trade Unions

A leftist-oriented international labour organisation established by the World Trade Union Congress. The largest affiliates are the developing nations of Asia, Latin America and Africa.

World Health Organization

A specialised agency of the United Nations that is concerned with international public health . Its main areas of work include: health systems, promoting health through the life-course, non-communicable diseases, communicable diseases, corporate services, preparedness , surveillance and response .

World Intellectual Property Organization

A specialised agency of the United Nations established as a global forum for intellectual property services, policy , information and cooperation. Its mission is to lead the development of a balanced and effective international intellectual property system that enables innovation and creativity for the benefit of all.

World Meteorological Organization

A specialised agency of the United Nations for meteorology , operational hydrology and related geophysical sciences. It is the UNÕs authoritative voice on the state and behaviour of the EarthÕs atmosphere, its interaction with the oceans, the climate it produces and the resulting distribution of water resources.

World Summit on Sustainable Development

A summit held in 2002 where sustainable development was reaffirmed as a central component of the international agenda. A wide range of targets and concrete commitments for action to implement sustainable development objectives were agreed to and reaffirmed by governments.

World Tourism Organization

The United Nations agency responsible for the promotion of responsible, sustainable and universally accessible tourism . It is the international organisation in the field of tourism which promotes tourism as an instrument to reduce poverty and fostering sustainable development .

World Trade Organization

An intergovernmental organisation which regulates international trade. It serves to help producers of goods and services, exporters, and importers conduct business.

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