About Us

What is the NAB?

NAB stands for National Advisory Board on Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction. It is a committee made up of government and non-government members whose primary purpose is to act as Vanuatu’s supreme policy making and advisory body for all disaster risk reduction and climate change programs, projects, initiatives and activities.

Who is on the NAB?

The NAB is co-chaired by The Director General of the Ministry of Climate Change: Mr Jesse Benjamin  Members are senior-level representatives from key sectoral government agencies, and NGO representatives - a representative of VHT Network, Vanuatu Climate Adaptation Network (VCAN) and VANGO. Members are nominated in the first instance by the Director General of the Ministry of Climate Change appointed by NAB Co-Chairs at an official NAB meeting. Observers and visitors may be invited to attend the NAB meetings which are regularly held once a month

How does the NAB work?    

The Secretariat of the NAB is Ms. Anna Bule, who prepares information for NAB decision, and then facilitates implementation of the decisions of the NAB. The Secretariat actions the coordination, endorsement, and advice functions of the NAB.

How can or should my organisation become involved?    

Learn how to use the coordindation tools of the NAB - "The NAB web portal" to upload your Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction Events, News Items, Workshops and Projects

For more information email nab@meteo.gov.vu.
You may download the NAB Information Pocket Card here.


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