Glossary beginning with J

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Japanese International Cooperation Agency

An independent governmental agency that coordinates official development assistance for the Government of Japan. It aims to contribute to the development of Japanese and global economy by supporting the socioeconomic development , recovery or economic stability of developing regions.

Joint implementation (JI)

A mechanism under the Kyoto Protocol through which a developed country can receive "emissions reduction units" when it helps to finance projects that reduce net greenhouse-gas emissions in another developed country (in practice, the recipient state is likely to be a country with an "economy in transition"). An Annex I Party must meet specific eligibility requirements to participate in joint implementation.

Joint Implementation Supervisory Committee (JISC)

The Joint Implementation Supervisory Committee (JISC) , under the authority and guidance of the CMP, inter alia, supervises the verification procedure for Joint Implementation projects.


An acronym representing non-EU industrialized countries which occasionally meet to discuss various issues related to climate change . The members are Japan, the United States, Switzerland, Canada, Australia, Norway, and New Zealand. Iceland, Mexico, and the Republic of Korea may also attend JUSSCANZ meetings.

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