Water Watch February 2015 Forecast

​Please find attached the Island Climate Update "Water Watch" which aims to provide an overview of the potential for water stress in the southwest Pacific. 
This product is based on the latest Island Climate Update rainfall outlook (for February to April 2015) as well as regional estimates for past (last 6 months) rainfall anomalies over the region, based on the near realtime Tropical Rainfall Measurement Mission satellite data (see http://trmm.gsfc.nasa.gov). 
The objective of this product is to highlight regions for which there is a potential for significant 'water stress': i.e. island groups where recent rainfall deficits have been experienced and the outlook over the coming season indicates significant chances for below normal rainfall. 
The aim is to provide a first heads up of potential water security issues in the region, however this information is indicative only: the responsibility for issuing drought watch or drought warning, as well as the corresponding advisories, remains fully the one of the Pacific Islands National Meteorological Services, which are your main interlocutors in all meteorological and climate matters.