Increasing Resilience to Climate Change and Natural Hazards in Vanuatu (IRCCNH)

Increasing Resilience to Climate Change and Natural Hazards in Vanuatu (IRCCNH)


Component 1: Institutional Strengthening for Climate Change and Disaster Risk Management ($3.15m). This component builds on the planned establishment of the National Advisory Board for Disaster Risk Management and Climate Change (NAB). The project would complement the staffing and functional roles of the NAB-secretariat/PMU, through three sub-components that provide “start-up” support and guidance needed to operationalize the project management functions including development of guidelines/approaches for implementing climate adaptation projects/programs at national and community levels, support the restructured NDMO and strengthen early warning systems.  

Component 2: Increasing Community Resilience on Active Volcanic Islands and in Coastal Areas ($2.5m). This component would seek to pilot ways to increase the ability of national, regional and community-level stakeholders to work together to enhance disaster and climate resilience in rural communities through two linked sub-components.  Support would be sequenced to firstly, increase capacity at a national and provincial level; and secondly, pilot resilient community development through integrated community and ecosystem-based adaptation and disaster risk management activities.

Component 3: Promotion of Improved Technologies for Food Crop Production and Resilience to Climate Change - ($2.95m).  This component builds on the recent collaborative initiative between the Vanuatu Agricultural Research and Training Center (VARTC), DARD, VMGD and German Aid (GIZ), to develop approaches for helping farmers have access to, and improved knowledge of, strategies and technologies for adapting to climate change, while also responding to food security requirements and market demands.  Accordingly, the project would support the planning and implementation of two inter-linked sub-components designed to enhanced access/uptake by farmers of improved technologies and plant material, providing for more sustainable and climate sensitive agricultural production.

Component 4: Rural Water Security: Increased access to secure water supply - ($2.5m). The project would support increased access to safe water supplies in rural areas of Vanuatu.  This would be achieved by: (a) completing the national inventory of rural water systems, updating RWS standards and guidelines for rural water supply provision, and improving outreach to partners working in the sector, including donors, NGOs, church groups, and the private sector; and (b) installing 270 to 300 rainwater catchment and storage systems to supply safe water to approximately 6,000 people in 120 rural communities.

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IRCCNH Vanua Lava

Latitude: -13.844315
Longitude: 167.447250


Latitude: -19.527205
Longitude: 169.349654


Latitude: -15.401815
Longitude: 167.814314

IRCCNH Shepherd Islands

Latitude: -16.800000
Longitude: 168.500000