Pango Community Launches Tsunami Siren System

Paramount Chief Maseiman of Pango, South Efate, and his community took the initiative to launch a Tsunami Siren, Tsunami Information Boards and Tsunami Evacuation Signs located in their village on 1st May 2017as the culmination of activities commemorating the arrival of Christianity to the shores of Efate.

Maseiman likened the siren and signage to the “Saviour” in that the system will save his people in the event of a tsunami. Said Masieman “My people and I are very fortunate and thankful to the Government of Vanuatu for assisting our community to walk the pathway of disaster risk reduction. I further acknowledge the efforts of the Pango Area Council, the Community Disaster and Climate Change Committees (CDCCC) and land owners for the successful and timely conclusion of all activities assigned to Pango village”.

Officials of the Ministry of Climate Change present to witness the launch applauded the paramount chief and his people for being the first community to take the initiative to organise such an event. “The community leaders and the people of Pango have demonstrated ownership of the assets installed in the community and for this we are very impressed. Your positive partnership gives us the drive to continue engaging with our development partners to explore opportunities to replicate or upscale such project activities to other parts of the country. The Pango Area Council and CDCCCs have been instrumental in the success of the Pango system and signage and for this the Ministry of Climate Change is deeply appreciative and acknowledges the leadership of these key institutional arrangements at the community level and looks forward to continue engaging with Pango village”.

The launch concluded with a dedication prayer for the siren system and a 4 seconds sound test of the siren, triggered remotely at office of the Vanuatu Meteorology and Geo-hazards Department (VMGD) at Namba 2, which received great applause from the community.

The tsunami siren, information boards and tsunami evacuation signage implemented in Port Vila and Luganville are delivered through the Mainstreaming Disaster Risk Reduction (MDRR) Project, funded by the Japan Policy and Human Resources Development Trust Fund, administered by the World Bank and executed by the Vanuatu Meteorology & Geo-Hazards Department and the Ministry of Climate Change and Natural Disasters. 


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