VREP II Resettlement Policy Framework

This Resettlement Policy Framework (RPF) has been prepared for the Vanuatu Rural Electrification Project Stage 2 (VREP II). The RPF is a companion document to the VREP II Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF) (December 2016).The VREP II Project Development Objective (PDO) is to “…support increased penetration of renewable energy and increased access to electricity services for rural households, public institutions and businesses located in the dispersed off-grid areas.”. The Project will finance two power-generation types: 1) solar home systems (SHS) and micro-grids for individual households, churches and schools for example; and 2) mini-grids for powering small villages. As SHS and micro-grids affect only individual premises they are not subject to the provisions of this RPF. The Government of Vanuatu (GoV) will identify potential locations for mini grids taking into account population density (number households), public facilities such as hospitals and schools, ‘anchor’ loads such as tourism facilities, food processing or other commercial operations, and potential sources of renewable energy sources, for example hydro, for feeding into the mini-grids in future. Sub-projects eligible for financing will be selected from the GoV ‘long list’ during implementation. As the specific sub-project locations will not be known until implementation, this Resettlement Policy Framework (RPF) is required.

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