Vanuatu Metabolic Analysis Report 2021 Released

Vanuatu Metabolic Analysis Report

The Vanuatu Metabolic Analysis Report has been released in January 2021.

This analysis of circular economy opportunities for Vanuatu seeks to help reduce the waste flow of imported materials, while also examining how to improve the resource efficiency of all material use, including domestically-sourced materials. The analysis focuses on materials with a relatively large carbon footprint. Where they include imported goods and materials, their reduction will also help to decrease emissions in other countries.

Understanding the flow of materials and identifying where materials and products can be reduced, re-used and recycled reveals the most promising circular economy opportunities. Like a living organism, a country’s population needs clean air to breathe, healthy food and clean water to live, energy for thermal comfort, and mobility and materials to deliver houses, vehicles and other consumer goods. Mapping a country’s ‘metabolic system’ helps us understand how it uses material resources to deliver valuable services – such as nutrition, shelter and mobility – to its residents and identify opportunities for improvement.

Finally, the circular economy can help Vanuatu communicate how it has consistently chosen an alternative to the linear development pathway and takes responsibility for future and past generations, as well as for the lives of those on distant shores.

The Report is available at the NAB Portal on the Resources section under documents.

Those interested to find out more information on this Report can contact the Department of Energy in Port Vila.