Van-KIRAP CLIMATE WATCH BULLETIN La Niña returns What does this mean for Vanuatu?

Van-KIRAP - La Niña returns    What does this mean for Vanuatu?

La Niña returns    What does this mean for Vanuatu?


Welcome to Vanuatu Climate Watch, a new climate information update from VanKIRAP!

VanKIRAP (Vanuatu Klaemet Infomesen blong Redi, Adapt mo Protekt) is a project based at the Vanuatu Meteorology and Geohazards Department (VMGD) working to make climate information better, more relevant, and more accessible for people throughout Vanuatu.

Each month, this newsletter explores a different aspect of Vanuatu's climate. This month, we're talking about the recently announced return of La Niña and how this will affect Vanuatu.

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