Web Seminar: Ridge to Reef Management: Watershed Management for Coral Reef Health

Reef Resilience Webinar: 
Ridge to Reef Management: Watershed Management for Coral Reef Health
'RIDGE-TO-REEF' is a holistic conservation and management approach that links conservation action across watersheds and adjacent coastal ecosystems. This approach applies science-based management across the land/seascape, from forested ridges downstream to rivers and estuaries and further along to coastal mangroves, seagrass meadows, and coral reefs. Ridge to reef conservation is most successful when communities and government collaborate to develop management interventions that address key threats to wild places and wildlife of both land and sea-for healthy people and ecosystems.
Carissa Klein from the University of Queensland and Stacy Jupiter from the Wildlife Conservation Society Fiji will discuss recent ridge to reef work. This will include a presentation of new systematic approaches to support ridge to reef decisions in Fiji (Klein et al. 2012 Ecological Applications - email Stacy or Carissa for a copy). This presentation will conclude with a Q&A session.


Carissa Klein- University of Queensland
Stacy Jupiter- Wildlife Conservation Society, Fiji


Petra MacGowan, Reef Resilience Project Manager, Global Marine Team, The Nature Conservancy

This Webinar will be offered once.
Tuesday Jan. 15th, 23:00 GMT/
Tuesday Jan. 15th, 3:00pm PST/
Wednesday January 16th, 9:00am UTC+10

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If you already have questions in mind you would like the panelists to address, please email them ahead of time to resilience@tnc.org.
If you are unable to participate in the live webinar, a recording will be available for streaming or download at www.reefresilience.org, under the “Events” tab on the home page, a few days after the event.