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Welcome to the Climate Investment Database

The Pacific Climate Investment Database (CID) is a publicly available database containing a comprehensive overview of primary climate finance projects in the Pacific. Though there is a framework for determining ‘primary’ climate finance, many of the projects are based on the judgement call of the composer, not having total access to individual breakdowns of the projects to determine how much finance is dedicated to purely climate change causes.

This database is based on largely publicly available information. It does not capture any climate finance projects that were completed prior to 2015.

The project financials are expressed in USD. Any projects that were implemented not in a donor currency were converted using an average exchange rate from June 2014 till present.

The entire financing amount for ALL projects (eg. Grant/loans & co-financing amounts) were used where possible to fully capture the scale of the projects. We have attempted to break down these amounts by donor where possible, however financial breakdowns were not always available.

For further information, please contact the Australia Pacific Climate Partnership Support Unit at

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