WISE REDD+ Project

WISE REDD+ Project



The project consists mainly of workshops and meetings to strengthen the existing Technical Committee for REDD+.  Some outreach will also take place for stakeholders in Port Vila not yet involved in REDD+ but who have a role to play.  This will include NGO/CSO players and the private sector.  LLEE will support the design and implementation of consultations on the REDD+ Social Environmental Strategic Assessment to ensure they are effective.

The Department of State identified Vanuatu as a country deserving of additional finances for increasing stakeholder engagement on REDD+ at the approval of Vanuatu’s R-PP in March 2013. Additional funds and support are needed to ensure that the key stakeholders for REDD+ are given the training and information needed to make decisions on REDD+ for Vanuatu. Broadening stakeholder awareness also requires key messaging to be developed inline with the Government’s REDD+ readiness.

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WISE REDD+ Project
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Tuesday, December 31, 2013
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Wednesday, June 29, 2016
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