Uleveu Solar Powered Desalination System

Uleveu Solar Powered Desalination System



In 2012 Advanced Eco Solutions NZ, were commissioned
to design a solar power solution suitable for powering a
desalination plant located near the school at Sangali on
the north side of Uleveu Island. The key purpose of this
plant was to provide the local community with enough water
to sustain their needs during the droughts common in the
The system was designed to make up to 3000 litres of water
per day during the 3 month dry season. With the addition
of the water storage facilities the new system is capable of
delivering 4 litres of water per person for 1500 locals. The
people on the island had historically used water from wells
which had been dug into the coral. This water is filtered
water from the sea but is often contaminated with bugs, and
ultimately results in many locals suffering from illness.
The aim of the distilled water is to give the locals clean water
to drink and prepare food. During the non-drought seasons
the water at the facility is available for showers to reduce skin
related diseases and wash basins for clothes laundering.
The solar powered panels driving the water desalination
system often produce excess solar power which is presently
being used to make block ice. The ice is used to keep market
fish cool and extend the fishing period by a couple of days.
The ice is also sold to the villages and the money raised is
to be used for maintenance and surplus funds set aside for
further projects.
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AES Uleveu Desalination

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Monday, April 8, 2013
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Monday, April 8, 2013