Traditional Knowledge CC & DRR Guidelines Project

Traditional Knowledge CC & DRR Guidelines Project



Consultations towards a
National Framework on Traditional Knowledge on Climate Change & Disaster Risk Reduction
15-27 April 2013
Port Vila, Vanuatu


At present multiple stakeholders are involved in activities related to traditional knowledge and climate change, and several major projects on the topic will be launched in 2013.  There is little coordination and approaches utilized by various individuals, organizations and agencies are not standardized. 

At a November 2012 summit jointly convened by the Vanuatu Cultural Center and the Vanuatu Meteorology and Geohazards Department, stakeholders agreed that a Framework on Traditional Knowledge & Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction should be developed to ensure that the concerns, sensitivities and aspirations of all stakeholders (including customary stewards of traditional knowledge) are addressed to guide future work in this area.

Current Initiative:

Moving forward, a multidisciplinary, multi-agency team has been assembled to undertake a series of consultations among stakeholders to determine the key elements that should be included in the Framework.  


Develop draft guidelines/protocols for the collection, access, use and storage of traditional ecological knowledge for climate change adaptation and disaster risk management (including local indicators for forecasting; traditional calendars; short term weather; long term climate; famine foods and food preparation; TK on mitigation and adaptation methods);

Concerns relating to the misuse and misappropriation of TEK will be of upmost importance and the protection of IP of TEK kastom holders will be of primary consideration;




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