Supporting Community Planning for more resilient Vanuatu

Supporting Community Planning for more resilient Vanuatu



In the scope of the "Supporting Community Planning" project, the Vanuatu Red Cross Society is targeting 11 communities (2.500 people)  in Torba Province as follow:

- Torres: Hiu Island: Yagavegemena community : HF radio, improvement of evacuation point;

- Torres Toga Island: LIteu & Likwal communities: HF Radio

- Vanualava: Vatop community : HF Radio

- Gaua: Lemanman & Lemoga communities: Imrovment of evacuation point

- Gaua: Qwetevaveg community: HF Radio;

- Motalava: Rah, Nereningman, Queremagde, Totolag, Avar communities: Gravity fed System (acces to safe water)

Overall: To improve the resilience of remote communities of Vanuatu Specific: To contribute to the implementation of community mitigation and response plans by supporting response preparedness and access to safe drinking water activities
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Supporting Community Planning
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Sunday, July 15, 2012
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Monday, December 30, 2013
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