Program for the development of climate resilient organic agriculture in Vanuatu

Program for the development of climate resilient organic agriculture in Vanuatu

The Project will contribute to the expansion & development of the Vanuatu Organic Industry and increase the organic famers ‘income’.The project will assist in providing the necessary organization/extension/marketing service support in order to increase the overall quantity, quality and product value, by reinforcing the organic production, processing and marketing activities.
1. To establish a sustainable POET-Com Vanuatu and make it operational for supporting organic farming & farmers in Vanuatu:
a. Supporting (technically, advocacy, organization) organic producers
b. Coordination actions (i.e. internal control, audit..)
c. Sharing & disseminating information..,
d. Establishing a sustainable system for inputs supply (seeds, planting Material, organic pesticides..)
2. To create a sustainable internal control system and streamlining audit operations wishing to establish, maintain and expand organic certification, through the provision of technical support to producers currently organically certified in Vanuatu:a. Optimising audits
b. Facilitating internal control
c. Facilitating the establishment of local PGS (Participatory Guarantee System) for the local organic certification
3. To Elaborate & disseminate information and technical standard through the development of “ Applied Research & Extension Programs” (Media, expertise & Training)on Organic farming practices (identifying problems And providing “Organic” solutions) and facilitation market access (information):a) fertility management, b) Pest & diseases control, c) seeds & Planting Materials propagation, d) market outlets
a) Supporting farmers/POET Com members in identifying issues and developing on Farm trials, documenting results/developing extension materials in farmer friendly ways
b) Knowledge sharing- through extension materials, visits, we/mobile platform...
c) Providing market information (web, Mobile...)
4. To Facilitate Technical exchange (Technologies transfer) and market information between producers and technicians locally (Vanuatu) and regionally (other POET Com members in the Pacific
a. “farmers –to-farmers program (“on farm” technical exchange)
b. “training of Trainers” program (Upgrading technicians skills)
c. Web site (Market, technical materials)
d. Regional workshop and technical exchange (annual)
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Port Vila and farming associations

Latitude: -17.726217
Longitude: 168.328955

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Program for the development of climate resilient organic agriculture in Vanuatu
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Monday, March 31, 2014
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Sunday, January 1, 2017
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