Pacific Islands Coastal Community Adaptation Project (C-CAP)

Pacific Islands Coastal Community Adaptation Project (C-CAP)


Through this three-to-five year project, C-CAP will work across 12 Pacific Island countries, collaborating with up to 90 communities on:

1.       Rehabilitating and constructing new, small-scale community infrastructure

2.       Building capacity for community engagement for disaster prevention and preparedness

3.       Integrating climate resilient policies and practices into long-term land use plans and building standards

In each community, C-CAP will work within community governance systems to:

·         Conduct community/risk mapping exercises.

·         Assess vulnerability of small-scale social, economic and water infrastructure

o   I.e., health clinics, schools, community centers, jetties, water tanks, drainage systems…

·         Name adaptation options for vulnerable infrastructure.

·         Prioritize options through a multi-criteria analysis exercise.

·         Fund one—prioritized—infrastructure rehabilitation / construction project (approx. US$50,000 per community).

·         Revisit Risk Maps to review risk to projected climate impacts—and support land use planning exercises, scaling up plans to provincial and national government.

·         Implement nature-based infrastructure activities when appropriate (mangrove reforestation, erosion control, etc.)

·         Support DRR and preparedness activities and planning.

USAID intends to implement C-CAP in two-to-three ni-Vanuatu Provinces (10-15 communities) from 2012 to 2015.  

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Latitude: -6.477460
Longitude: 143.465865

Latitude: -15.486339
Longitude: 167.024100

Latitude: -13.848331
Longitude: -171.812000

Latitude: -17.732149
Longitude: 178.269500

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Pacific Islands Coastal Community Adaptation Project (C-CAP)
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Thursday, January 26, 2012
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Sunday, January 26, 2014
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