EDF10 ACP-EU Project: Building Safety & Resilience in the Pacific

EDF10 ACP-EU Project: Building Safety & Resilience in the Pacific


Results are expected in the following areas:

R1 - Effective preparedness, response and recovery: responds to the need for national and regional response plans, end-to-end Early Warning Systems (EWS), emergency and evacuation centres, access to safe drinking water to mitigate against drought.


R2 - Strengthened institutional arrangements for DRM and CCA: responds to the need for Joint National Action Plans (JNAPs) as well as to the integration of DRM and CCA into national and sector strategies, planning and budgetary processes.


R3 - Improved knowledge, information, public awareness, training and education: the emphasis is on building awareness of risks, risk exposure through the provision of hazard and risk information through regional and local databases, strengthening human and technical capacity in a range of priority areas, production of knowledge products and related awareness.


R4 - Improved understanding of natural hazards and the reduction of underlying risks: addresses gaps in baseline scientific, technical, social and economic understanding of hazard impact and addresses underlying risks created by changing social, economic, environmental conditions and resources.


R5 - Enhanced partnerships in DRM and Climate Change: responds to the need for an integrated regional strategy for DRM and Climate Change, strengthening of the Pacific Islands Emergency Management Alliance, enhanced hazard risk management, enhances information management, facilitation of financing and integration of DRR into the work programmes of CROP agencies (Council of Regional Organizations of the Pacific).

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Regional and National (Vanuatu)

Latitude: -15.441531
Longitude: 166.993086

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Building Safety & Resilience in the Pacific
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Thursday, September 5, 2013
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Tuesday, September 5, 2017
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