ArtTEK Tanna: Naine Resilient Societies Center (ATT-NRSC)

ArtTEK Tanna: Naine Resilient Societies Center (ATT-NRSC)


ArtTEK Tanna: Nainé Resilient Societies Center consists of two separate programs with differing objectives and implementation strategies. Program A: TEK & Tech Youth Champions is the subject of this brief. It encompasses youth outreach and community training that brings outside experts to conduct ongoing training and workshops in Climate Change Adaptation. Central to this training are renewable energy systems operations and maintenance paired with sustainable forestry of rapidly-­‐renewing building and fuel stocks. These include cash crops or incentivized agro-­‐forestry that mitigate forest degradation (like sandalwood, Project brief: ArtTEK Tanna National Advisory Board on Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction 2 kauri, canarium and namamau) with additional focus placed on large-­‐diameter bamboo and coconut. This focus on fusing economic benefits with climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies is reinforced through knowledge transfer between local communities and visiting experts. Such experts bring news of global best practices in eco literacy and environmental conservation which integrate with local kastom to strengthen climate change mitigation practices at the village level in Vanuatu. Program B: TEK & Tech Resilience Innovators focuses on increasing resilience to climate change worldwide through integration of indigenous management strategies. It will be implemented by ArtTEK Tanna’s New York-­‐based Directorial Board & Team through an Administrative Agreement between the governing board and this project’s Community Co-­‐Founders in Middle Bush, Tanna.

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ArtTEK Tanna: Naine Resilient Societies Center (ATT-NRSC)
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Sunday, September 11, 2011
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Wednesday, December 10, 2014