Adaptation Costs and Benefits Scenarios

Adaptation Costs and Benefits Scenarios



The project will use a Climate Risk Management Framework to analyse economic and environmental data to determine the climate risk posed, the costs of these risks and possible adaptation options. A Cost Benefit Analysis will be used to develop priority adaptation options for each scenario across a range of different economic and climate change scenarios over the short, medium and long term. This will also recognize the potential for delayed action. This project is intended to illustrate potential future scenarios, based on the information available. The project will aim to be consistent with the activities of the P-CBA initiative

Demonstrate the use of CBA in CRM context and make informed adaptation choices in the short, medium and long term

· Build on ongoing activities and leverage support from other partners and projects

· Build on local capacity to undertake future economic analysis in support of climate change adaptation decisions

· Further strengthen partnerships between government agencies and other stakeholders in-country

To assist countries understand implications of different adaptation pathways to help prioritise climate change action within the broader context of development needs. Objectives: • To provide guidance and insight on the cost effectiveness of adaptation options, based on a set of adaptation scenarios • Present approach to the economic analysis in a format for ease of replication by governments, regional organisations and donors The ‘protection of low-lying coastal settlement’ scenario targets improving the understanding of the benefits of adaptation toward building preparedness and reducing the impacts of severe events and climate change, as well as determining the cost effectiveness of adaptation options. These are key requirements identified within the Vanuatu National Adaptation Programme for Action (NAPA).
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Shin Furuno

Ashani Basnayake


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Adaptation Costs and Benefits Scenarios
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Thursday, January 23, 2014
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Thursday, June 26, 2014