Green Port and Renewable Energy Centre – Forari Bay

Green Port and Renewable Energy Centre – Forari Bay


A new blue green economic opportunity for North Efate is now ready for development in the Forari Bay area.  The Forari Bay Development Company’s vision to create a multi-purpose North Efate development to serve as a second major peri-urban hub for Efate.

Key Activities:

The development will provide:

  • New domestic green port for Efate to serve as main inter-island shipping hub (powered by Renewable Energy)
  • New domestic green fleet (renewable energy powered domestic fleet of 12 ships)
  • New green slipway to service full domestic fleet and international vessels needing repair and maintenance while in Vanuatu waters (powered by Renewable Energy)
  • Trade centre for productive sector products from Provinces (raw and value-added) for domestic and international trade
  • Manufacturing centre for renewable energy products (e-vehicles, renewable energy products)
  • Agriculture/Horticulture high production high demand products




  • (Readiness) Complete Master Plan, Government Approvals,Sites Establisment. (USD 1m)
  • A totally green port, infrastructure system and transport and regional waste management facility. (USD 30.0m)
  • Slipway to improve the safety of vessels and passengers within Vanuatu waters. (USD 3.2m)
  • Food and niche Vanuatu horticulture products milled,processed and exported (USD 4.2m)
  • A vibrant climate resilient trading green port (USD 35.4m)
  • A sustainable fishery (USD 10.0m)
  • Total overall Project Costs Estimated to be USD 250 million


Construction Process Generally

Managed by Forari Bay Development Company appointed Project Manager, Quantity Surveyor, Financial Controller and Programme Manager with assistance from Specialist Design Consultants as required.

Preliminary Concept

The concept development will be as follows:

  • Determine Scope of Work and sequencing required for the benefit of the project thru discussions with user groups, government departments, investors together with other interest groups & stake holders.
  • Confirm suitability of activity for Forari Bay project master plan.
  • Confirm activity is feasibility and demand will be sufficient to ensure the activity is sustainable, worthwhile and a benefit to the community.
  • Obtain Government Departments for Approvals.
  • Prepare conceptual design of building structures, establish estimate of construction costs estimate to test feasibility of business model.
  • Confirm interest with Funders, Investors and end users, sign-up commitments where appropriate.
  • Prepare Sub-Lease documentation for the specific site locations.
  • Proceed with developed design work and documentation, determine appropriate engineering design systems and cost comparison of build options.
  • Engage with selected Construction Specialists to review of design and construction options to ensure the most appropriate solution to the complex engineering challenges are adopted.
  • Peer review of engineering design solutions
  • Monitor developed design progress to confirm construction cost estimates.
  • Complete project design documentation and working drawings.
  • Re-Confirm Funding and Budgets

Implementation will be conducted as follows:

  • Call for Tenders from selected reliable experienced construction companies, subcontractors and suppliers who have a good record of work in the region.
  • Tenders to be based on ability to deliver with guaranteed price and completion date.
  • Design & Build Tender Option will be a preference for some of the elements.
  • Strong Professional Management by Forari Bay Development Company thru the construction process.
  • Monthly Project Control Group (PCG) meetings and reports to Funders and Stake Holders.
  • Strict Performance & Budget monitoring.

Project Completion and hand-over….on time and within budget




Project Sites: 

Forari Bay Efate Island Shefa Province

Port Vila 
Latitude: -17.683594
Longitude: 168.537692