Coastal Cities Resilience (Luganville) Project

Coastal Cities Resilience (Luganville) Project


The Global Disaster Preparedness Center (GDPC) in collaboration with the IFRC and American Red Cross has received an award from USAID/OFDA to design and test a set of tools and services to assist RCRC National Societies and their partners to create effective city coalitions on community resilience, targeting climate smart resilience and coastal risk reduction in particular. The idea is that the RCRC National Societies would convene relevant partner organizations in lasting coalitions to focus citywide expertise, capabilities, and resources on priority risks facing vulnerable communities in the city. The coalitions are intended to complement existing urban governance processes led by local government and draw wider support from the business community, universities, civil society organizations, and other stakeholders into citywide civic engagement on community resilience.

"Coastal Cities face a high risk from increasingly costly flooding from sea level rise amid climate change. Their current defenses will not be enough as the water level rises."

By focusing on priority risks, the coalition can target those risks and threats of greatest concern. With the support of diverse coalitionĀ members, the coalitions can identify solutions and interventions to address the priority risks and bundle the solutions into local campaigns to engage local communities and link the efforts of individuals, households, businesses, community and local organization, and local governments.

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