Live and Learn Vanuatu

The Vanuatu office of Live & Learn was established in 2001 and forms part of a regional network of Live & Learn offices across Melanesia.

Live & Learn has a good understanding of cultural and communication processes and community and institutional organisations in Vanuatu which allows for effective knowledge and skills transfer, empowerment and sustainability of the projects & activities it undertakes.

Effective working relationships with government institutions in Vanuatu have been developed based on delivery of practical outcomes-focussed projects that transfer knowledge & skills and support increased access and participation in government services and programs. These are reflected in partnership agreements and Memorandum’s of Understanding to develop and implement priority programs and projects with the Department of Health, Department of Education, Department of Environment, National Advisory Committee on Climate Change, Department of Quarantine & Livestock, Department of Forestry and the Department of Agriculture.

Live & Learn is a key non-government environmental organisation in Vanuatu that participates in a range of activities and contributes to policy development and review and consultation processes and routinely fulfils the role of public awareness and education within or complementary to government projects. Live & Learn often undertakes work where the Vanuatu Government lacks the resources to do so.

Live & Learn also maintains strong working relationships with civil society organisations in Vanuatu and has a strong ethic of information-sharing to complement other sector-based development programs.

The strong government, civil society and community relationships that Live & Learn has established provide a unique opportunity to contribute to achieving sustainable development goals in Vanuatu.

Live & Learn Vanuatu is working to achieve outcomes from projects under the following Priority Program Areas:

  1. Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH)
  2. Sustainable Management of Biodiversity
  3. Climate Change & Energy
  4. Natural Resource Management Based Conflict Management
  5. Environmental Governance
  6. Waste Management and Minimisation
  7. Health, Population and HIV
  8. Integrated Programs & Cross Cutting Issues

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