Online Course: OL 341 From the Ground Up for Adaptation

OL 341 From the Ground Up for Adaptation
Designing Community-Centered Projects with Sustainable Solutions

Enrollment extended until Jan. 18
January 15, 2013 - March 11, 2013: 8 weeks
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Over 50% of student-chosen projects in our courses work to solve problems linked with climate change. In response we developed a module of four courses (OL 340) tailored to the needs of those of you helping communities adapt to climate change.

For example, student projects have included efforts to help communities in Yemen, Morocco, Tanzania and Cameroon recover from unprecedented droughts that exhausted their water sources. The course will lead you through the development of similar real projects, in real time, and leave you with the practical field tools to sustain it. Become the solution.

Our course leaders, who have gained development expertise by providing face-to-face consulting services to NGOs in the field, will help you:
1. Conduct a participatory needs assessment in your community,
2. Develop a preliminary project concept, share it with your community,
3. Refine your community-based project, and
4. Share your project concept with a potential donor.

We are committed to results-based development and sustainability. You will learn to incorporate community-identified need into the design of your project and research project activities that have shown evidence of having worked.

The online course will be led by Tim Magee, CSDi’s Executive Director, who has over 30 years experience in both working with nonprofits and leading training workshops.

Development Professionals from 143 countries and 450 organizations have developed course projects that are impacting over 275,000 people.

  1. You will only need to have functional knowledge of Word, Excel, email, and the Internet.
  2. A 3-to-4 hour per week time investment.
  3. There are no books to buy—all course materials can be linked to, or downloaded from the course site.
  4. Some of the assignments below suggest doing them in a community. This is not a requirement if it impractical for you, but this is where partnering with a classmate in the field can add depth to your experience.
  5. Pay by typing in your nationality and clicking on “Add to Cart” at the bottom of the page. You do not need to be a PayPal member to pay – when the payment form says “Choose a way to pay” – click on “Pay with debit or credit card”. Write us for transfer instructions if you would prefer to pay by Western Union.
  6. Last, fill out the OL 341 Student Enrollment Form to complete enrollment.

In the next course of the module, OL 342: Project Architecture for Adaptation, you will transform your project with the real management tools of logframes, budgets, and fact sheets into a project ready to formally present to a donor.

Course participants who successfully complete a course on time will receive a course certificate. Learn more. Your certificate will be e-mailed 30 days after the end of your course.

Developed Nation Course Fees
The 8-week course is $175.00 for citizens of developed nations. Are you from a developing nation? You may qualify for a  $50 scholarship.

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