Wan Smolbag Theatre Food Security Survey April 2023

Wan Smolbag Theatre conducted a food security survey in the peri-urban communities behind WSB post TC Judy/ Kevin. WSB wanted to find out if there was a need to run a free lunch program to assist the same communities that were beneficiaries from the 2015-16 urban nutrition program; Tagabe Bridge, Chief Lally Komuniti and WSB Staff. 20% of Tagabe bridge and Chief Lally populations were interviewed, Tagabe Bridge had 155 respondents (out of an estimated population of 750), Chief Lally had 43 respondents (out of an estimated population of 250) and 23 WSB staff (out of 100 Port Vila based staff) were included in the survey. A total of 221 people were interviewed, 78 Male, 146 Female and 9 PLWD. 25% of households interviewed included a pregnant or breastfeeding woman. 80% of respondents had at least one household member in paid employment. The average number of children per household surveyed was 2.5.

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