Vanuatu Ocean Monitoring Network officially launches

The nation has made a significant step forward today with the commissioning of Vanuatu's first ocean climate monitoring and observation buoy network, deployed by the VanKIRAP project.The Vanuatu Ocean Monitoring Network is a chain of six ocean climate monitoring buoys deployed across the Vanuatu archipelago to monitor how climate change is affecting the ocean around the country, and to provide early warning to communities and key agencies of impending climate-related events.The buoys are deployed at Port Vila, Efate; Million Dollar Point, Santo; Lonnoc Beach, Santo; Port Resolution, Tanna; Inyeug Island, Aneityum and Tomman Island, Malekula. The buoys measure sea surface temperature, wave direction, wave height, wave period and spread as well as wind speed at each location.The data that they gather allows VMGD and Dept of Fisheries to issue early warnings to communities for coastal inundation and erosion. The buoys can also provide near real-time data about the impacts of climate-related events like cyclones and marine heatwaves.

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