Policy Brief - Human rights and climate change in Vanuatu

Climate change has been labelled the human rights challenge of the twenty-first century.Human rights frameworks, such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, among others, must become part of the solution. We all have an obligation to prevent the foreseeable adverse effects of climate change and ensure that those affected by it have access to appropriate remedies and means of adaptation.The aim of this study is to explore how locals in Vanuatu experience the impacts of climate change and how these impacts can impinge on their human rights. This policy brief is based on the responses of 87 ni-Vanuatu participants who completed the survey between the 18-28 June 2022. Participants included 44 females, 37 males, 5 who preferred to self-identify and 1 non-response. The age range for participants was from 22 to 76 years old, with a mean age of 37 years old.

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