Land - National Land Subdivision Policy 2019

Definition of SubdivisionFor the purpose of this policy, a subdivision is defined as the division of an existing registered lease or registration of a new lease into two (2) or more lots by way of subleases, derivative leases or community titles. Such developments are still subject to the written consent of the Director of Land Surveys per the provisions of Section 12(a) of the Land Leases Act (CAP 163).Purpose of this policyA To provide a clear purpose and guidelines by which subdivisions may be created and to establish the parameters of the administrative processes to achieve the purpose.B To ensure that the creation of subdivisions results in environmentally and socially sustainable development and an improved quality of life for residents with suitable standards of amenity, access, affordability, disaster risk reduction and health and safety.C To provide equity for all landowners and residents including present and future generations by taking into consideration cultural, economic, and environmental values attached to the land being subdivided.Environmentally & socially sustainableImproved quality of lifeSuitable standards of amenity & access Affordability Disaster riskreductionHealth & SafetyFigure 1: Outcomes of a sound Subdivision Policy.3 General principlesA This Policy is subject to and complements all existing laws of the country. Particular laws whichhave relevance are:i. Land

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