Vanuatu's Initial National Communication to the UNFCCC

The potential environmental, economic and social impacts of Climate and Sea Level Change motivate Vanuatu’s commitment to participating effectively in international effort to combat global warming and Sea Level Rise. Vanuatu is a party to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), and took an active part in the initial negotiations in the development of the convention through its affiliations with Alliance of Small Island States (AOSIS) and Small Island Developing States (SIDS).Climate Change and Sea Level Rise has been recognised as issues that require timely and committed initiative by government to develop capacity to address existing and potential impacts on the livelihood of the people of Vanuatu.The National Communication is the primary mechanism through which our international commitments will be met. The Communication has been developed by the national government in consultation with the six provincial councils and the two municipalities of Port Vila and Luganville. Therefore, it maintains a comprehensive approach toward tackling Climate and Sea Level Change issues. The range of actions it encompasses reflects the wide-ranging causes of the enhanced Climate Change and Sea Level Rise effect and the pervasive nature of its potential impacts on all aspects of ni-Vanuatu life and economy.The national communication focuses on six fronts:♦ Institutionalise and mainstream climate change preparations,♦ Build national level understanding,♦ Improving network for information transfer and coordinate adaptation and mitigation measures,♦ Increase national capacity to prepare for and adapt to climate change,♦ Minimise increases in national GHG emissions in the medium term, and;♦ Increase community understanding of climate change and their preparedness. Implementation of the national Implementation Strategy will foster better understanding and guidance in policy and planning developments toward achieving our national objectives, consistent with meeting our international commitment. The Communication demonstrates the commitment of the government to ensure Vanuatu bears its fair share of the burden in the worldwide effort to combat Global Climate Change, while recognising that our national interest lies in protecting jobs and maintaining competitiveness of Vanuatu’s growing economic industry and improving the quality of life for all its citizens.


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