PEBACC Newsletter | July - Dec 2017

This edition covers the period from July to December 2017. The PEBACC Project has progressed from baseline studies called Ecosystem and Socio-economic Resilience Analysis and Mapping (ESRAM) to Ecosystem-based Adaptation (EbA) Options Assessments and Implementation Plans for each project site. We are pleased to share with you brief updates from our sites in Fiji, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu as we move to implementation of demonstration projects over the next 2.5 years.

We value your support and partnership and we look forward to a closer working relationship in 2018.

The highlights in this issue include:

  1. Taveuni equipped with masterplan to guide EbA projects in 2018
  2. PEBACC and CEFAS support Solomon Is Government with water quality    assessment
  3. PEBACC hands-over ESRAM reports to Vanuatu Government
  4. Committee in place to support Queen Elizabeth nature park, Solomon Is
  5. PEBACC supports exchange visit for Fiji traditional leader
  6. Ecosystem-based Adaptation projects for Port Vila
  7. Mapping of important marine areas on Taveuni island, Fiji
  8. Tanna community vote for marine protected area
  9. PEBACC presents ESRAM reports at regional meetings
  10. PEBACC partnered with Fiji Government and international organisations in hosting regional dialogue

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