Coastal Cities Resilience (Luganville) Project Brief

Project Components:To enhance disaster preparedness and resilience in the selected city of Luganville – especially in response to the risks associated with climate change – through improved public engagement on resilience.The project will do this by helping the participating coastal cities in the country to identify and address their top risks to community. This will increase resilience and by strengthening household resilience township wide.Creation or strengthening of a city-level resilience coalition with a diverse range of partner organizations in each city.Creation of a set of support services to support the work of the coalitions.Implementation:Project will be implemented by the Vanuatu Red Cross Society working in collaboration with the Luganville Municipality, Luganville NGO and Civil Societies, Luganville business houses and its communities.The project will be funding 5 local positions based in Santo and one part time local position in Port Vila

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