Vanuatu National Fruits and Vegetables Strategy 2017 - 2027

The lack of incentives for the effective participation of farmers in the fruits and vegetable sector leading to an increased reliance and dependency on imported forms of fruits and vegetable products in the domestic markets have been attributed to a number of factors of which inconsistency in supply and deficient quality in fruits and vegetable products are more prominent. These dual negative factors are the direct result of the lack of coordination and management of the sector. Results from wide consultations with respective stakeholders identified an array of key strategies which have been proposed as means for addressing these shortfalls.The central focus of this fruits and vegetable strategy is targeted on addressing issues pertaining to food security, health and nutrition, climate change and disasters, increased escalation of imported fruits and vegetable products leading to widening of trade deficiency and the inherent constraints within the supply chain. The main issues and challenges identified have been lumped into four main clusters.First in these issue clusters are those relating to support services critical for effective coordination of the sector, the improvement of standards, strengthening of internal and external networking and the building of data collection and dissemination mechanisms within the sector.Secondly, those infrastructure issues that have implications for the development of the sector from seeds to marketing have also been identified and proposed for addressing through improved and upgraded market centres, establishment of storage and testing facilities and the construction of appropriate nursery and irrigational facilities.Thirdly, road and transportation related issues and challenges and reliable sea transport network and system with improved wharfage and stevedoring facilities to cater for fruits and vegetable products preservation and longevity during transhipments have been noted as important areas to consider along the value chain.Lastly, it is proposed that effective management practices for the sector be established outlining sustainability and ecological consciousness in agricultural practices , improvement in pest and diseases management and skills strengthening resilience in the management of fruits and vegetables in extreme climatic conditions and natural disasters including geo hazards.A total of six sub-value chains have been outlined and included in the framework consisting of effective coordination of the sector, soil, seeds and nursery management, crop production and management and climate-smart agriculture practices, post harvesting, value adding and processing and expansion of the domestic and international markets through management of market intelligence and information.


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