VCAP Progressive Report 5

Adaptation to Climate Change in the Coastal Zone in Vanuatu (VCAP) begun the implementation of its activities this year at the 3 project sites namely Epi, Pentecost and Aniwa as part of the recovery program for cyclone Pam. Activities carried out by the upland team(Agriculture, Forestry and Livestock), Fisheries team and the Department of Local Authorities team(DLA).Upland team established a permanent nursery at Epi and planted the vetiver grasses, bandanas and natangura along the eroded coastal areas from Malvasi village to Burumba village at West Epi.Fisheries team conducted the coastline assessment starting from Rovobay village to Malvasi Village and deployed 4 Fish Aggregating Device (FADs) at Malvasi village, Burumba village, Ponkovio village and Yuopuna village. These FADswere deployed for assisting the communities to go fishing around these FADs so to preserved and conserve their marine resources along the reefs. Vetiver grasses which were planted along the eroded coastal areas will filter the sediments flow from upland streams during heavy rain falls down to the reefs and this will improve the ecosystem of the marine lives in the reefs to reproduce again under the clean habitat.Fisheries team also conducted the coastal assessment at Aniwa island especially in the lagoon where the mangroves habitat for the marine resources are located. Team also deployed 2 FADs at Aniwa island for encouraging the communities to go fishing around these devices, while conserving their marine resources along the reefs.Upland team also conducted baseline assessments at Epi, Aniwa and Pentecost including the distribution of fences to the communities at Pentecost sites for keeping their livestock away from the water sources. The assessments conducted by upland team in these project sites will benefit the communities at all the project sites beginning at Epi, Aniwa, Pentecost and Torres islands for better managing their food and water securities, so their livelihoods in the communities will be develop and improve to the healthy living standards.DLA team is the prime focus for the project activities where they are the first team to conduct awareness to all the project sites and established Village Development Committees(VDCs) or Community Development committees(CDCs) to all the project sites. These VDCs are the main focal group on ground, who will work with all the project teams going to the sites and they were trained by DLA team to own these project activities in thecommunities and maintain them in the future.Project teams will be moving the respective activities to the other project sites such as the rest of the outer islands in the Tafea province, South Malekula, South Santo and Torres islands in 2017.This report features the following content:1. Quad Bikes help reduce transportation cost 2. South Santo Mission Trip 3. Mangrove Assessment on Aniwa 4. Water Catchment Assessment & Management Plan 5. Map indicating VCAP sites in Vanuatu 6. Minutes Of VCAP Project Board Meeting , Rovo Bay Epi 7. Road Repair on west Epi 8. VCAP Random Shots & Partners 

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