Mapping REDD+: A visual guide to UNFCCC decisions

WWF’s Forest and Climate team is pleased to announce our latest publication, Mapping REDD+: A visual guide to UNFCCC decisions, an all-inclusive resource for REDD+ negotiators, practitioners, policy makers, and funders.REDD+ is ready for implementation, and a thorough understanding of relevant UNFCCC articles and decisions is needed to move forward and scale up action.  In this comprehensive resource, we visually map the UNFCCC articles and decisions related to REDD+, and the connections between them, presenting all relevant decisions within one user-friendly document.  The information is grouped into categories for easy reference regarding the subsets of REDD+ themes – such as finance, safeguards, and MRV – to ensure the highest levels of clarity and accessibility. The majority of the text is taken verbatim from official UNFCCC decisions, including citations, so readers can refer back to the original documents for additional context.Mapping REDD+ is a complete source of the relevant articles and decisions needed to make informed and UNFCCC-compliant decisions, for anyone working within the REDD+ framework, from planning, to finance, to implementation.View and download Mapping REDD+ here: 

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