VCAP Progressive Report 3

The “Adaptation to Climate Change in the Coastal Zone in Vanuatu” or the Vanuatu Coastal Adaptation Project (VCAP) has recently recruited several key staff members within its Project Implementation Unit (PIU) and has made steady progress in delivering its Annual Work Plan for 2015 by engaging targeted coastal communities in a series of vulnerability assessments and climate change adaptation planning sessions.

As VCAP will support integrated community based approaches for building climate resilience, the PIU has worked closely with the Department of Local Authorities (DLA) and other various partners to develop a standard approach to performing vulnerability assessments and facilitating community-based climate adaptation plans. This “bottom-up” planning process will be complimented by various technical specialists and national level VCAP stakeholders who will further refine and implement components from these community plans in coming months.

Finally, this reporting period culminated in the VCAP Project Board Meeting, where senior authorities from the Vanuatu government and UNDP made important decisions affecting future project delivery and approved the Annual Work Plan and Budget for 2016.

This progress report details the various activities conducted from July through December of 2015. This is the third VCAP progress report produced to date.

This Report features the following Contents:

Key Dates for VCAP - Page 3
Listing key activities and developments within VCAP with corresponding dates for this reporting period.
New Project Staff - Pages 4 - 5
New staff working within the VCAP Project Implementation Unit
Development of Planning Processes - Pages 6 - 7
Assisting government partners in creating a standardized approach to community adaptation and vulnerability assessments
Community Planning Field Missions - Pages 8 - 15
Summary results from field missions conducted at VCAP sites to facilitate vulnerability assessments and CCA planning.
Knowledge Management and VCAP - Page 16
Creative use of multi-media to promote information regarding VCAP and climate resilience to the public
Project Board Meeting - Page 17
Summary and outcome from Project Board Meeting from November 6, 2015

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