NDMO Community Assessment Form and Guidelines

Following TC Pam NDMO recognised the need for enhanced community based disaster risk management responses. As such over the last year NDMO has been working with its key in country partners to review, revise and update certain processes and tools. One of those DRM processes and tools is the community based disaster assessment process. Community based disaster assessments are the first assessment undertaken following a disaster on the ground in Vanuatu and is envisaged to be completed where possible by trained community disaster and climate change committees (CDCCC) members supported by local and provincial government. This approach is to empower communities in achieving ownership and greater participation in the negative impacts of disasters that directly affect them. Training CDCCC’s in the community assessment processes and its supporting tools has been ongoing during 2016 in targeted communities within Torba and Tafea Provinces as part of the Yumi Redi Consortium project.Yumi Redi Consortium in conjunction with UNOCHA has been working in collaboration with NDMO to produce an updated first community assessment form and accompanying guidelines to be undertaken at community level and develop a consolidation, analysis and reporting process of community based assessment data at provincial level. The revised community disaster assessment form and its guidelines were launched by the NDMO during a national training in September 2016.

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