Climate Change in the Pacific: Scientific Assessment and New Research

Climate Change in the Pacific is a rigorously researched, peer-reviewed scientific assessment of the climate of the western Pacific region. Building on the Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, this two volume publication represents a comprehensive resource on the climate of the Pacific. VOLUME 1: REGIONAL OVERVIEW Volume 1 presents an overview of the region: analysis of large-scale climate phenomena such as the El Niño-Southern Oscillation, seasonal variability and past climate trends and further develops regional climate change projections. Download the report from the links below. DOWNLOAD FULL REPORT: VOLUME 1 Climate Change in the Pacific. Scientific Assessment and New Research, Volume 1. Regional Overview [PDF, 20.1MB] DOWNLOAD REPORT CHAPTERS: VOLUME 1 Cover, Forward and Contents [PDF, 2MB] Abbreviation, Acknowledgements and Executive Summary [PDF, 1.7MB] Ch. 1. Introduction [PDF, 1.68MB] Ch. 2. Climate of the Western Tropical Pacific and East Timor [PDF, 3.78MB} Ch.3. Observed Climate Variability and Trends [PDF, 3.63MB] Ch. 4. Climate Projection Methodology [PDF, 1.8MB] Ch. 5. Climate Model Reliability [PDF, 6.12MB] Ch. 6. Projections Based on Global Climate Models [PDF, 4.78MB] Ch. 7. Projections Based on Downscaling [PDF, 3.45MB] Ch. 8. Conclusions and Further Research to Advance Pacific Climate Science [PDF, 1.30MB] Appendix 1. CMIP3 Models Used in Climate Projections [PDF, 1.36MB] References, Glossary and Index [PDF, 1.7MB]   VOLUME 2: COUNTRY REPORTS Volume 2 presents individual country reports which provide country-specific projections and relevant climate information. Download the report from the links below. DOWNLOAD FULL REPORT: VOLUME 2 Climate Change in the Pacific: Scientific Assessment and New Research, Volume 2. Country Reports [PDF, 20.0MB] DOWNLOAD REPORT CHAPTERS: VOLUME 2 Cover, Forward and Contents [PDF, 1.74MB] Abbreviations, Acknowledgements and Executive Summary [PDF, 1.76MB] Ch. 1. Introduction [PDF, 1.59MB] Ch.2. Cook Islands [PDF, 2.41MB] Ch. 3. East Timor (Timor Leste) [PDF, 2.01MB] Ch. 4. Federated States of Micronesia [PDF, 2.28MB] Ch. 5. Fiji Islands [PDF, 2.37MB] Ch. 6. Kiribati [PDF, 2.53MB] Ch. 7. Marshall Islands [PDF, 2.35MB] Ch. 8. Nauru [PDF, 2.10MB] Ch. 9. Niue [PDF, 2.39MB] Ch. 10. Palau [PDF, 2.20MB] Ch. 11. Papua New Guinea [PDF, 2.36MB] Ch. 12. Samoa [PDF, 2.15MB] Ch. 13. Solomon Islands [PDF, 2.29MB] Ch. 14. Tonga [PDF, 2.17MB] Ch. 15. Tuvalu [PDF, 2.17MB] Ch. 16. Vanuatu [PDF, 2.29MB] References and Glossary [PDF, 952KB]

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