Warriors Day of Action

Bula from Fiji   So this email serves as a follow up to a previous email I sent out the other day regarding the Warriors Day of Action initially scheduled for the 15th of March   Just incase you missed out on it, here is a summary of the plans for the Day of Action:     This Day of Action will also serve as a means of building some sort of momentum, from both within the 350 teams and the wider public, around the campaign   Goals for the Warrior Day of Action;   1. Communicate and announce the Pacific Warrior Voyage or the Canoe Build 2. Increase awareness and understanding of 350 Pacific and the Warrior Voyage in your communities 3. Energise and mobilise the 350 Pacific network 4. Build awesome momentum around the campaign 5. We would like to see some collaboration in the islands with a few organisations or institutions for this campaign 6. Attempt to get more people to pledge signatures and sign up in each country 7. Create an album of photos for Facebook and Twitter :D, and finally 8. Produce a video from each country on the event (similar to how we did the Pacific Warrior Day of Action last year- coincidentally around the same time as well)   Now its totally up to you, how you run your Day of Action. We were brainstorming some ideas the other day during our Skype meeting and I have them listed down here;   1. Build canoes in a ceremonial fashion, where traditional canoe builders will go through the traditional processes involved in canoe building 2. Have a theatrical performance in your location telling the story of the campaign 3. Have teams go to local churches on Sunday and hand out flyers before and after the service, explaining the campaign to churchgoers, whilst also seeking the support of Pastors, for the voyage      

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