Vanuatu Economic Opportunities Fact-Finding Mission

This Report 1. We were fielded by AusAID (PB: 26 May to 14 June ‘06) and NZAID (BM: 6 to 26 June ‘06) to initiate dialogue with the Government of Vanuatu (GoV) over potential areas of support to economic growth from productive sector3 priorities established in the Government of Vanuatu’s Priorities and Action Agenda 2006 - 2015 (the ‘PAA’). Terms of Reference are at Attachment 8. 2. Accompanied by DESP, we met with government departments and officials, private sector operators and their industry bodies in the agriculture, forestry and tourism sectors, and talked to NGOs and civil society organisations. We maintained close dialogue with AusAID and NZAID, and consulted other donors and their projects in Vila and elsewhere. We visited Epi (PB) and Santo, as well as agriculture and tourism operators on Efate. Key documents4 were reviewed. A list of persons met is at Attachment 7.  

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