Climate Change Basics Overview & Curriculum Resources

Driven by a commitment to solutions, the Will Steger Foundation provides information on climate change basics, giving educators and learners background knowledge to work towards slowing climate change. Categories: Basics Extreme Weather 101 Solutions: Personal Behavior Solutions: Renewabl Curricula Resources     The climate change interdisciplinary curricula we offer are available for free online and are appropriate for grades 3-12. Aligned with national standards, state standards (where relevant) and the climate literacy principles, each curriculum has been reviewed by educational organizations and partners. Learn more about what we offer. Our curriclula resources include: Minnesota's Changing Climate Curriculum Grades 3-12 Global Warming 101 Curriculum Grades 3-6 Grades 6-12 Adventure Learning Guide, Supplemental Activities and Expedition Supplements Citizen Climate Curriculum Arctic Community Curriculum What Now? - Action Template

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