11th International Conference on Community-Based Adaptation (CBA11), Kampala, Uganda

The 2017 conference theme is ‘Ecosystem-based adaptation’ and will examine the benefits and challenges of incorporating natural resources and ecosystems into climate adaptation work.
Field visits that take place over three days before the conference from 23-25 June give delegates the chance to understand the realities of community-based adaptation on the ground. They will highlight community efforts around the key determinants of community resilience: access to food, water, energy and healthcare.
As a field visit attendee, you will have the opportunity to see a range of projects that demonstrate how local people adapt to climate change and are working with their local ecosystems. For example, you could see how small-scale farmers are mimicking nature and increasing diversity on their farms to mitigate food insecurity. Another project you may get to visit shows how training communities in tourism has helped to protect wetlands and decrease poaching in the area.
Read about these projects and others you might experience on a CBA field visit at http://www.iied.org/CBA11.

Register via Eventbrite – the deadline to register for field trips is 14 May.