Localizing Global Climate Change Policies in Vanuatu Project Brief

The research project will explore two main processes: First, it will investigate how local actors receive knowledge with which they are confronted in connection with climate change, and how they (re)interpret and transform it during the reception process. Second, it focuses on the subsequent cultural changes and particularly on the potential transformations of fundamental ontological concepts.In order to obtain data about these topics, ethnographic fieldwork will be undertaken in two places in Vanuatu, during which a number of different qualitative methods are employed. It will be conducted by Dr. Arno Pascht and the doctoral researcher Desirée Hetzel as combination of team and individual research in order to give consideration to the domains of men and women and additionally of other cultural differences in Vanuatu, for instance those between rural and urban regions.According to requirements the project will engage local research assistants and language teachers.There is no other similar project at the moment in Vanuatu.


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