The 2021 UNFCCC-GIR-CASTT Programme on GHGs

Welcome the 2021 UNFCCC-GIR-CASTT Programme on GHGs!

To All Focal Points and Partners of the National Determine Contribution (NDC) Hub.

This call for applications for a training on Green House Gas Inventories, hosted by the UNFCCC and Greenhouse Gas Inventory and Research Center (GIR).


The Greenhouse Gas Inventory and Research Center (GIR), in collaboration with UNFCCC, will hold the 2021 UNFCCC-GIR-CASTT Programme on GHGs from 2 August to 8 October, 2021.


UNFCCC-GIR-CASTT is a professional intensive training programme on greenhouse gas (GHG) inventories for national experts from developing countries. The programme is being offered annually in collaboration with the GIR since 2017. It aims to enhance the technical capacity and overall competency of experts from developing countries to enable them to prepare and report high-quality GHG inventories.


Due to the prevailing challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, while recognizing that virtual trainings cannot replace the in-person trainings, the secretariat and the GIR agreed to offer the 2021 training programme as an online course. This decision was made in order to enable us continue offering the programme every year without interruption.


Application submission period is until 30 June (KST 23:59). Selected applicants will be notified by 26th July at the latest. The online training program will begin by the first week of August which is  the 2nd of August 2021 and will run for 10 weeks and  ended on the 08th October 2021.


To offer greater opportunities to the trainees, this year’s top-performing individuals will be invited to Korea in the following year to participate in the programme if it would be possible to hold in-person events.


Please visit here to check eligibility requirements and to access the application form.


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