Want a Career in Climate Change?


It is great that you have an interest in this field and there are many opportunities study wise. I would not worry about not finding a job or deciding what you can do in the future based on your education. Climate change is a very broad field and it also links with issues of sustainability; people like you will certainly find some work, either in government or other organisations. Mitigation and Adaptation are very broad areas and include many different disciplines; Environmental Science programs often include different courses across different disciplines.

First, have you considered where you would like to study? There are several universities close by in the region, such as USP, and Australian and New Zealand universities. I would recommend looking through their websites. One very good university abroad is the University of East Anglia who have several programs on climate change. If you are interested in climate change science, check this link http://www.uea.ac.uk/study/undergraduate/degree/detail/bsc-climate-science-with-a-year-in-australasia.

Griffith university has many courses in environmental science and public policy if you are interested in the policy side of climate change. Have a look at the different degrees here https://www148.griffith.edu.au/degree-career-finder/Programs/Environment%2c%20planning%20and%20architecture?Page=1. Many of these incorporate climate change issues while giving you the basic background in environmental science. Chris can certainly recommend courses at James Cook University where he studied.

For most universities, the fees and living expenses are high. But you can apply for scholarships through AusAID or similar programs. The current scholarship round for AusAID ends 30.4.2013 for Vanuatu citizens. Most universities and the scholarship requirements demand you have to do an English language test before you apply; the most common is IELTS. Your best point of contact is the AusAID office in Vila. To apply for a bachelor degree study, you need to indicate which university you would like to study at. Here is a link to the AusAID program http://www.ausaid.gov.au/australia-awards/pages/studyin.aspx. Most applications need multiple documents, you can find more information at this site through the Scholarship Policy Handbook.

 Do not hesitate to contact me at any time if you have questions! 

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