Vanuatu contributes its voice to the Global Power Shift climate change conference in Turkey – Istanbul

Turkey is hosting one of the most important youth-led grass roots climate change conferences in the word which known as Global Power Shift.

Global Power Shift is intended to be a catalyst for bolder, broader, deeper action and organising in grass roots movements to confront the climate crisis and for social justice.  This week in Turkey, Vanuatu representatives join over 500 climate leaders from around the world for training, community building, and to launch a year of new strategy and action for the movement (Phase 1). After that, Vanuatu will return home to reconnect with friends and allies across the globe together sparking an unprecedented wave of events and mobilisations for climate action (Phase 2).

Global Power Shift (GPS) will be a way to scale up our movement and establish a new course, like never before. The basic plan is this:

  1. In June of 2013, 500 of us will gather in Turkey -- from leaders to engaged community members
  2. We’ll be trained in grassroots and digital organizing, share our stories, and chart a strategy for the coming year
  3. Vanuatu participants return home to organize mobilizations
  4. These national or regional events will be Launchpad’s for new, highly-coordinated campaigns targeting political and corporate levers of power
  5. Together, we will truly shift the power and spark the kind of visionary transformation we need to fight the climate crisis

Istanbul is the Launchpad for something much bigger -- national mobilizations throughout the world. After June, we’ll need an all hands on deck approach to be part of the massive climate change organizing work that will take place throughout 2013 and beyond.

Vanuatu’s team at the Global Power Shift in Istanbul Turkey (24th - 30th Jun 2013) is made up of Mr Rex Thomas, Mr Mark Boe Adin and Dr. Christopher Bartlett. Mr Mark Boe Adin a student at USP Emalus Campus at the same time an action partner under Oxfam International under a program known as Oxfam International Youth Partnership, also a volunteer under and member under Project survival Pacific.  Dr. Christopher  Bartlett is the director of the Vanuatu SPC-GIZ Climate Change Project, and actively supporting the Vanuatu National Advisory Board on Climate Change & Disaster Risk Reduction (NAB),.  Mr. Rex Thomas currently works with the VANUATU EARTH CARE ASSOCIAITION (VECA) see website:, -They have done research work in the Tabwemasana, a research project with Dr Kirsten Davies at Macquarie University, He is also engaged in a Water Project in Port Olry, and has submitted a proposed on forest carbon in Vanuatu with USP PACE, interested in modelling the impacts of CC on health.


Each of the Vanuatu delegates at this meeting will develop new and innovative climate actions to be implemented in Vanuatu upon return with partners from across society, including Vanuatu's National Advisory Board on Climate Change & Disaster Risk Reduction ( 

Not only is Vanuatu leading the way in climate change adaptation but now has trained activists at the leading edge of climate mitigation action, demanding the greenhouse gas emitting countries drastically curb their actions to prevent the irreversible destruction of our nation and our planet.