Vacancy Announcement: Project Manager for Climate Information Services for Resilient Development (CISRD) Project

Position: Project Manager

Location: Vanuatu Meteorology and Geo-hazard Department (VMGD)

Duration: 3-years contract initially, possible renewal in line with the project timeframe subject to performance during the initial term, and availability of funds.

Expected Start Date: March 2018

Project Background:

Vanuatu is among the most vulnerable countries on earth to the increasing impacts of climate change, including climate-related natural disasters and the effects of slow-onset events such as sea-level rise and ocean acidification.  In an effort to address these challenges, the Government of Vanuatu, through VMGD and the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP) have successfully secured financing from the Green Climate Fund (GCF) to develop and implement the Vanuatu Climate Information Services for Resilient Development (CISRD) Project.

The primary purpose of the CISRD project is to develop and strengthen climate resilient development in Vanuatu, with emphasis on supporting climate smart adaptation and disaster risk management policy and planning.  The project aims to do this by building institutional and community-based capacity and providing critical resources to facilitate transformational and sustainable change in the application of science-based evidence to inform decision-making for relevant policy development and planning processes.  This support will be delivered through provision of tailored Climate Information Services (CIS) specifically aligned with relevant national strategies for priority sectors, to address information gaps and priority needs of target beneficiaries (‘next’ and ‘end’-users of CIS) at national, provincial and local community levels.  

Primary measurable benefits in the short-medium term (i.e. within the term of the project) are designed to better inform decision-making through mainstreamed use of CIS.  Such CIS will meet priority climate adaptation, climate-related disaster risk reduction policy and planning and associated development needs of stakeholders (Next/End-Users) at national, provincial and local community levels. Collectively, these benefits will include more specifically:

  • Enhanced capacity and capability of target stakeholders to understand, access and apply CIS
  • Enhanced CIS communications, knowledge products, tools, resources and associated stakeholder outreach processes
  • Enhanced reliability, functionality, utility and timeliness of CIS delivery systems
  • Enhanced scientific data, information and understanding of past, present and future climate to facilitate innovation and continuous improvement of reliable, accurate, effective and efficient CIS

Target sectors for the focus and implementation of the CISRD Project are:

  • Agriculture
  • Fisheries
  • Tourism
  • Water
  • Infrastructure

The Project Manager will be responsible for the day-to-day project management of the CISRD Project and will ensure that the project produces the required outcomes, to the required standards, within the specified time and budget according to project document in close collaboration with VMGD, SPREP and the key project stakeholders.


Duties and Responsibilities

  1.  Lead and provide oversight on the overall  planning and implementation of project activities in line with the approved project document,
  2. Lead and work with the PIU team in the development, monitoring and assessment of Performance Development Plans as well as the necessary learning and development to support their work
  3.  Establish and activate the relevant institutional arrangements necessary for the successful implementation of the project including a Project Steering Committee and Technical Working Groups where necessary

4.  Ensure regular meetings with the project implementing stakeholders to update them on the progress of the project and follow ups on project related matters

5.  Support and oversee the development of ToRs and recruitment of project personnel including Sector Coordinators in close collaboration with the relevant Government Agencies

6. Manage, coordinate and report on the technical support of the sector coordinators of the project including consultants

7. Establish a Monitoring and Evaluation system for the project and ensure regular monitoring reports are produced

8. Carry out capacity building in relevant areas essential for the successful implementation of the project.

9.Manage the implementation, monitoring and evaluation in accordance with the Project legal agreements, Operation Manual, monitoring and evaluation system and approved annual Project Procurement and Work plans.

  1. Ensure good and functional relations between VMGD and the key sectors of the project (Water, Fisheries, Tourism, Infrastructure, and Agriculture) and implementing agencies
  2. Supervise procurement of consultants, equipment and works, and ensure that all consultants and contractors under this project are fully briefed on the overall project, the requirements of their contracts, and the inter-linkages between their work and that of others, within the project as well as with other related projects
  3. Monitor progress with procurement and financial management activities and play a supportive role to avoid any bottleneck or delay at project level and national level;
  4. Manage external and internal communication related to the project and act as a focal point for project activities and work closely with other sectors  and implementing agencies in collaboration with the PMU Manager;
  5. Engage in relevant meetings and workshops and where necessary, give project presentation;
  6. Oversee the financial management of the project ensuring compliance with the PFM Act
  7. Oversee the procurement management of the project ensuring compliance with the CTB and the PFM Acts
  8. Prepare and present quarterly and annual work plans and budgets
  9. Prepare and present quarterly and annual progress reports on implementation of project components and activities
  10. Prepare and present quarterly and annual financial reports and coordinate audit and audited financial reports
  11. Prepare and present a communication and visibility plan and stakeholder engagement plan
  12. Prepare required reports and documentation including minutes and schedules for the Project Steering Committee
  13. Regularly communicate with VMGD Divisional Managers, the project technical staff, PMU Manager and other relevant staff of VMGD and liaise with stakeholders at all levels with regards to the project
  14. Conduct project staff performance appraisal and address non-performance issues
  15. Ensure proper filing and safe keeping of project documents;
  16. Provide effective coordination and lead integration of project with related initiatives to avoid duplication
  17. Manage the partnerships with the Project Delivery sectors, including to ensure timely and integrated delivery of activities and reports from the Delivery sectors Provide support to VMGD  to monitor, review, report and integrate weather and climate activities of the project to their national sustainable development goals issues and challenges into their national sustainable relevant national regional and international negotiations, where necessary
  18. Undertake any other duty as reasonably requested by project  Director (Director VMGD)

See the attachment for more details.

Closing Date: