USP launches free Online Climate Change mini Course

USP launches free Online Climate Change mini Course


Climate Change is an issue that affects almost all aspects of living in the Pacific Islands and adapting and preparing for it is a key priority for all Islanders.


Many busy government officials know they need to find out more about Climate Change to plan for and manage its effects, but they cannot take time off work to study. And many community leaders are faced with adaption issues they are not sure how to handle. Or perhaps you are already at university studying other topics, but want to brush up on Climate Change.


How do you find out more about Climate Change in the Pacific and in particular how it might impact on your island and village?


USP now has an answer. Join their free online Pacific Climate Change mini Course. All you need is a computer, laptop or smart phone/tablet and access to the internet.


The course will be conducted by USP’s Climate Change award winning team and provide an overview of the science of climate change, its impacts in the Pacific, the particular challenges and vulnerabilities of Pacific Islands and building capacity and resilience with a  focus on planning for natural resources and economic and social development. The “lectures” are videoed, so watch them when you want to or listen to them on your phone for free.


The course will be based on the existing post graduate courses run by USP and provide an excellent lead into them should you decide to study this important area further. A Certificate of Completion will be awarded to all students who complete the course.


For more details or to register for this free course, go to


The course starts on 28th August 2015.