UNICEF Reports on Climate Change Impacts on Children in Vanuatu and Kiribati

UNICEF have released two reports on the impacts of climate change on children:


Climate change impacts on children in the Pacific: Kiribati and Vanuatu
This report presents the findings from the research in Kiribati and Vanuatu along with insights relevant to all Pacific countries. Recommendations are included for governments in the region and for agencies working with children and/or climate change issues.


Climate Change and Children in the Pacific Islands
This report on "Climate Change and Children in the Pacific islands‟  focuses on three key objectives:

  • How does climate change affect children in the Pacific and how will it affect them in the future?
  • Which stakeholders are already actively dealing with climate change issues across the Pacific region
  • In what way should UNICEF Pacific engage in this field?

Both reports can be downloaded from the UNICEF site  www.unicef.org/pacificislands/1850_19775.html