UNFCCC Techincal Papers Address Developed Country Emission Reduction Targets, Non-Economic Loss

18 October 2013: The UNFCCC Secretariat has released two technical documents on developed country quantified economy-wide emission reduction targets and non-economic losses in relation to loss and damage, to inform discussions to be held at the next Climate Change Conference, to be held in Warsaw, Poland, from 11-22 November 2013.


The technical paper on non-economic losses in the context of the work programme on loss and damage (FCCC/TP/2013/2) provides a review and critical analysis on the aspects of non-economic losses of climate change, including how they contribute to loss and damage and diverse techniques to estimate non-economic losses.


The technical paper on quantified economy-wide emission reduction targets by developed countries to the Convention: assumptions, conditions, commonalities and differences in approaches and comparison of the level of emission reduction efforts (FCCC/TP/2013/7), is based on submissions from parties and their contributions to workshops and events, as well as updates the information contained in document FCCC/TP/2011/1 and its updated versions. [Publication: Technical Paper on Quantified Economy-wide Emission Reduction Targets by Developed Countries] [Publication: Technical Paper on Non-economic Losses]


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