UN Secretary-General's Report Reviews Support for SID's Sustainable Development

31 July 2013: The UN Secretary-General has issued a report on UN and national efforts to implement sustainable development in small island developing States (SIDS). The report concludes that, while SIDS have had an uneven path towards implementation of sustainable development, some activities have been successful.


The report updates Member States on steps towards implementation of the Barbados Programme of Action (BPOA) and Mauritius Strategy of Implementation (MSI). It highlights specific national actions toward sustainable development, such as the Seychelles' Water Supply Development Plan, the Tonga Energy Roadmap, and the work of the Belize National Climate Change Committee. It outlines assistance provided through UN agencies and initiatives, including support for climate mitigation, adaptation to climate change, disaster risk management, biodiversity conservation, food security, preservation of indigenous knowledge, capacity building, ecosystem management, and sustainable consumption and production (SCP).


The report also briefs States on preparations for the Third International Conference on SIDS, convening in Apia, Samoa, in September 2014. Among preparations for the Conference have been regional preparatory conferences, highlights from which are summarized in the Secretary-General's report. In addition, UN agencies have organized expert group meetings on: Strengthening Partnerships Towards Disaster Risk Reduction for SIDS; The Significance of Marine Science and Technology for SIDS, and the Importance of Capacity Building and Marine Technologies Transfer to SIDS to Support Sustainable Development; Symposium on Small Islands Ecological and Social Resilience; SIDS and the post-2015 development agenda; and Emerging Issues in SIDS.


The report envisages renewed political commitment for the sustainable development of SIDS and their preparations for the post-2015 development agenda, through the International Year of SIDS in 2014, and the forthcoming Third International Conference. [Publication: Follow-up and Implementation of the Mauritius Strategy for the Further Implementation on the Programme of Action for the Sustainable Development of Small Island Development States: Report of the Secretary-General] [Third International Conference on SIDS website]


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